Verified Tickets

In light of the large number of stolen or counterfeit tickets that are being sold for many high-profile events around the country, including Eagles games, we would like to remind our fans to take precautions when purchasing tickets over the internet or by ticket sellers near the stadium on game day. The safest way to ensure that your tickets are legitimate is to purchase them through the Eagles ticket office or reputable secondary market outlets such as Ticketmaster’s NFL TicketExchange. The Eagles work closely with the authorities to investigate fraud and help prevent it from occurring in the future. Fans attempting to use a counterfeit ticket will not be able to gain access into the stadium and may be subject to an investigation.

Please exercise precaution when purchasing tickets on the secondary market. The Eagles recommend the following tips:

  • Avoid purchasing from street vendors. Selling tickets on Lincoln Financial Field property is illegal, but street vendors may try to sell you tickets on your way to the stadium. Even though these tickets may look like the Ticketmaster stock or E-Tickets you are familiar with, they may be counterfeit.
  • Do your research. When purchasing tickets through an online broker, check out the company’s policy for customer satisfaction and counterfeit tickets.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be aware that tickets to popular events, like Eagles games, are often difficult to come by and therefore will be sold for more than face value. Avoid purchasing tickets that are much cheaper than the prices that are advertised elsewhere.
  • Pay with a credit card or PayPal account. Avoid paying by cash, check or wiring money to a seller, because there is little or no way to get back your money if the tickets do not arrive. Using a credit card or PayPal account provides additional protection and the opportunity for potential reimbursement if the seller is uncooperative or does not follow through with sending the tickets.
  • Keep a record of your purchase. Save any information the seller gives you such as receipts, product description, delivery date, cancellation policy, privacy policy, warranties and order confirmation numbers. The information may come in handy if needing to dispute the charges.

The Eagles urge all fans to use common sense, understand the risks, and use these tips to minimize the potential loss if they intend to purchase tickets from someone they do not know or an unauthorized seller.